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Our Philosophy

Oaks of Hope provides dual diagnosis detox and residential addiction treatment for alcohol and chemical substance abuse. Addiction treatment at Oaks of Hope includes therapy, group sessions, couples treatment, and individual counseling, with a goal to restore life as it should be... joyful, hopeful, fulfilling, and grateful. Freedom from addiction is within reach for anyone, anywhere, at anytime.


Top Drug Treatment Centers Of The World So Cal

If find yourself in the vicious circle of drug addiction, we welcome you to Oaks of Hope before it’s too late! We know that you may have lost hope of ever regaining your freedom, and we want to bring that hope back. Drug addiction, no matter how severe, is treatable, provided you join a reliable rehab program. We’re here to offer you that opportunity.

We have some of the top drug treatment centers of the world in So Cal, and we pride outselves in providing our patients with amazing benefits in the long run. Drug addiction is no longer a problem for us because we’ve found a rehab strategy that’s incredibly successful compared to other treatments. We rely on a rehabilitation system that includes programs like:

Detoxification – In most cases, the victims of drug addiction need to join the detox treatment. We’re talking about a personalized medication strategy meant to eliminate the cravings, stabilize your mental functioning, and repel withdrawal. It’s the first stage in the healing process, but it’s nowhere near enough.

The dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis strategy will often develop in parallel with the detox plan. Its purpose is to address the underlying co-occurring disorders that may worsen your health status. Some of these diseases will exacerbate the evolution of the addiction itself, which is why it’s imperative to address them as soon as possible.

Learning and having fun – Our educational processes differ from those of other facilities. We believe that the learning process is that much more effective when introducing multiple educational methods. Some of these include group support, relapse prevention teaching, aftercare planning, and even recreational activities, including meditation and sports. These programs will tell you a lot about yourself and the world as a whole.

Preventing the relapse – At our top drug treatment centers of the world in So Cal, we provide you with extensive education on relapse prevention and personal development. You need to know how to protect yourself out there when you won’t have our specialists taking care of you. In that sense, our experts will teach you how to get a better job, restore your relationships with those you love, and reshape your system of values.

Behavioral therapies – Having a stable behavior allows you to function normally in society. While your behavior will begin to stabilize in the moment, we start the detox process, that’s not enough in the long-term. Our experts will also teach you how to socialize easier, how to bond with others, and how to control your tendencies.

When looking for the top drug treatment centers of the world in So Cal, you should take all these factors into account. A reliable rehab facility such as ours should have a professional and friendly staff, state-of-the-art rehab programs, and plenty of recreational activities to enjoy.

Come to Oaks of Hope and let’s discuss your options! If you want to see whether we cover your insurance, give us a call! Just don’t wait for your condition to worsen!

Top Drug Treatment Centers Of The World So Cal

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