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Our Philosophy

Oaks of Hope provides dual diagnosis detox and residential addiction treatment for alcohol and chemical substance abuse. Addiction treatment at Oaks of Hope includes therapy, group sessions, couples treatment, and individual counseling, with a goal to restore life as it should be... joyful, hopeful, fulfilling, and grateful. Freedom from addiction is within reach for anyone, anywhere, at anytime.


Alcohol Treatment Centers So Cal

At Oaks of Hope, we promote the responsible consumption of alcohol. But what do you do if you become addicted to it and only realize it when the disorder is already advanced? In that situation, the last thing you should think about is self-detox. It almost never delivers the expected results and can make matters way worse for you. Instead, visit our center and let’s talk about your problems!

Our alcohol treatment centers in So Cal provide you with a variety of programs and high-end therapies. We consider alcoholism not only extremely dangerous but incredibly difficult to combat as well. A well-designed and effective rehabilitation treatment should encompass a variety of procedures. The treatment we’re using includes:

A personalized medication strategy

All rehab facilities have medical detox strategies in place, but not like ours. We believe that a universally optimized detoxification procedure doesn't exist. People are different from one another, and what might work for you will not necessarily work for someone else as well. For this reason, we always optimize the detox strategy to rely on your clinical profile.

We have a team of clinicians that will take your case as soon as you arrive at our facility. Only after creating your clinical profile will we be able to determine the details of the detoxification procedure. Don’t worry; we’ll be by your side around the clock, making sure everything goes in the right direction!

Psychological support and emotional healing

Your mental state is a reliable indicator of not only your medical status but your ability to recover and remain stable in the future. At our alcohol treatment centers in So Cal, we know how hard alcoholism can impact your state of mind and how much it can destabilize you emotionally. Without a healthy mind, everything else will crumble before your eyes.

We won’t allow that to happen, which is why we’ve created a vast and comprehensive mental rehabilitation strategy. It encompasses a variety of methods and activities like:

  • Behavioral therapies
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Gym workouts
  • Hiking and strolling in nature
  • Swimming
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Peer support group counseling
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Grief and Loss counseling, etc.

These are just some of our programs. If you want to see the full list, visit our website and check it out yourself!

Relapse prevention and aftercare

The ideal rehab treatment should consider your wellbeing in the context of the bigger picture. It’s not enough to stabilize your condition. We should also make sure you will relapse in neither the near future nor the distant one. For that, we’re using a variety of strategies, including education, life advice, personal development counseling, and family support.

This is what makes our alcohol treatment centers in So Cal institutions where people learn how to become healthy, free from addiction, and happy. It’s all about rediscovering your purpose in life and changing your life for a better one.

At Oaks of Hope, we’ll show you that it is in your power to do that. Call our center today, and come to join our family!

Alcohol Treatment Centers So Cal

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