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Our Philosophy

Oaks of Hope provides dual diagnosis detox and residential addiction treatment for alcohol and chemical substance abuse. Addiction treatment at Oaks of Hope includes therapy, group sessions, couples treatment, and individual counseling, with a goal to restore life as it should be... joyful, hopeful, fulfilling, and grateful. Freedom from addiction is within reach for anyone, anywhere, at anytime.


Alcohol Recovery Programs So Cal

If you need a reliable treatment against alcoholism, we welcome you to Oaks of Hope – a high-end, reputed rehabilitation center! You should be extremely careful when choosing your rehab service provider because not all of them use the same quality standards. Thanks to our unmatched experience in substance rehab, we’ve come up with some of the most effective treatments in the industry.

Our alcohol recovery programs in So Cal are immensely popular in the community for several reasons:

  • Immediate and long-lasting benefits
  • Taking on a sophisticated approach to the rehab process
  • Use only certified procedures and techniques
  • Mixing innovative approaches with the classical methods
  • Patient-oriented treatments
  • Adding some fun into the equation

If this is your first time looking for a professional rehab institution, you might be curious about the programs you will be going through. To give you a sample of what we’re offering, here are a few of the programs we’re using:

Clinical detoxification – Upon arrival, our clinicians will immediately start to build your medical profile. Once we know about your symptoms, the mental disorders you suffer from, along with any other relevant information, the next step is the detox process. We’ll elaborate a medication plan to eliminate withdrawal, stabilize your condition, and remove alcohol cravings.

Dual diagnosis medication and therapy – Many patients suffer from co-occurring disorders, which are mental diseases that worsen the effects of alcoholism. We treat them according to their profile, mixing medication with psychotherapies and even emotional trauma counseling. By doing so, not only we’ll stabilize your mental and emotional status, but we’ll also prevent the relapse in the long run.

Mental recovery and personal development – The process of mental recovery differs from one rehab institution to the next. At our center, we imbue it with our own trademarks. We use a variety of procedures like physical activities, mental and spiritual recreation, and even food therapy to excite your senses and rewire your vision of the world. In the end, it’s all about you starting to see life for what it is – an excellent opportunity to be happy, free of pain, and enjoy your time on planet Earth.

Educational programs – The education is our most effective weapon against alcoholism and substance addiction in general. We want to prepare you for social reintegration, which means you need to know the dos and don’ts of living as a sober individual again. Our experts will teach you how to avoid social triggers, strengthen your mind against the temptations, and polish your set of personal values.

Our alcohol recovery programs in So Cal combine medicine, psychology, and entertainment to give you the experience of a lifetime. We’ll not only help you recover from addiction but make friends and enjoy life a bit more as well. We believe that the rehab treatment should be a memorable life experience, aside from a healing one.

Visit us, at Oaks of Hope, and let’s talk about your problems! We’ll have our experts devise a rehab strategy immediately, so your new life can begin.

Alcohol Recovery Programs So Cal

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