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The Big Question On Mental Health And Addiction

Posted on August 26, 2017

We posted an article on our Facebook page and asked:

Are we becoming a society that masks mental health issues w prescriptions, drugs & alcohol? Tragic Cases of Celebrity Depression Gone Untreated - Trevor Noah revealed he was helped through his deeply private struggles — but alas, not all artists are so lucky

On my page, a friend of mine asked a really good question. I hope this dialogue sheds positive light on this very critical topic.

Friend - Well yes we are --but what I hate about articles like this is they never give what the answer is for people struggling - natural supplements?

Reply · 11:38am

Teri Gault

Teri Gault Our psychiatrist stabilizes with prescription meds and some natural supplements, but he's a master at it and has been in practice for 56 years. Yet... Using natural supplements alone can be extremely dangerous and life damaging to some people. One first hand example had been taken off all meds and put onto "natural". Family came to visit and had not seen the person stabilized since 2003. This precious soul went through hell on earth for all those years simply because the person didn't have prescription meds. Period. Doing very well now. The answer to the question in my view is...

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Teri Gault

Teri Gault I take blood pressure medicine, and went to natural for a time when I lost a ton of weight, worked out (see my profile picture LOL), managed anxiety, ate healthy, checked blood pressure every day. This went well for about 6 months, and one day for no reason, I was in peril. Some people have a physical condition in the brain and need mental health meds. The alternative is that these people WILL medicate with alcohol, or street drugs anyway to survive. They need meds and the right meds.

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Teri Gault

Teri Gault Love your question, more thoughts... Meds are a very delicate balancing act, and many can be abused, so as you read in the article, we can't give some meds to some people at all. We're dual diagnosis because by the time we get these precious ones, who come in for alcohol or substance abuse, there has been and most always will be mental health diagnosis as well. Everyone gets a psyche eval immediately regardless because we're dual diagnosis, our license requires it, and it's necessary. I've often wondered, what came first the chicken or the egg? Doesn't matter. Therapists delve into it too because trauma has to be addressed. There is always root trauma associated with addiction. So the mental health issue could have been from an accident (blow to the head), or genetically predisposed, or trauma of life, being abused, abandoned... or number of reasons that need to be addressed either medically, through therapy, an then with substance abuse counselors for triggers, relapse prevention, etc. Either way, mental health is an issue. It's so critical to healing in recovery of addiction, that our charge nurse changes our MARS constantly, sometimes daily as the psychiatrist is fine tuning. Change the time of the med. Change the dose. Take this one out, put this one in. To me, what a good psyche does, along with brave souls who want to do their part, it's like a work of art, and it's indescribably beautiful!

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