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Shark Week Survival

Posted on July 24, 2019

Every summer, you can bet millions of Americans are getting excited about Discovery Channel’s marathon of shark-related programming for Shark Week, so here’s the scoop and safety steps for Shark Week 2019.

Shark Week, TV's shark week summer event is returning this year with even bigger sharks and bigger bites. Shark week starts Sunday, July 28 and continues through Sunday, August 4 for all of Shark Week 2019!

If you decide to venture out beyond your couch for Shark Week, we found a few good tips to decrease the unlikely chance of becoming a victim of a shark bite.

12 steps to live by for Shark Week and every safe sober day...

1. There’s strength in numbers, so always swim in a group of like minded people. Statistically, sharks attack people who are alone.

2. Don’t wander too far from shore. Just makes sense. Enough said.

3. Nothing good happens after midnight. Many sharks are most active at night, dawn, or dusk. They can see you, but you can’t see them.

4. Don’t go into danger when you’re already wounded.. Sharks can smell blood and will be drawn to it.

5. Appearances matter, so be careful what you’re trying to attract. Don’t wear shiny jewelry. Think about what a fishing lure looks like, shiny like fish scales. 

6. Don’t go into sewage. Sewage attracts baitfish and bait fish attract sharks. Be sure to swim in only clean clear water.

7. Don’t enter into where you see others are engaging in risky activities. Wherever people are fishing and or where seabirds are diving, you can assume there are bait fish. 

8. Don’t attract danger by your actions. Sharks are drawn to motion and splashing water. 

9. Don’t be with others who attract danger. Don’t swim with people who like to flail around and splash excessively. Your dog or pets can make erratic movements that can attract sharks.

10. Watch your step. Sandbars or steep drop-offs are favorite hangouts for sharks.

11. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t relax just because porpoises are nearby. Sightings of porpoises do not indicate the absence of sharks. Both often eat the same foods.

12. Fight with all  your might! God forbid if you’re ever attacked by a shark, just do whatever it takes to get away. People have escaped being eaten by sharks by fighting back, yelling underwater, and any other number of ways. National Geographic advises to fight the shark any way you can. Don’t play dead. Hit the eyes, gills or snout

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