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12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous - Part 1 of 6

This is How It Works - The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous explained, and why it works for addiction treatment and addiction recovery of alcohol and chemical substances.

5 Ways to Get Sober in the New Year

Experts working in addiction treatment and the recovery community contribute actionable ways to get sober in the new year with minimal or no cost.

Celebrate a Sober New Year’s Eve

Communities across the US host sober New Year’s Eve party events.

Oaks of Hope is JCAHO accredited

Oaks of Hope has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Behavioral Healthcare

Thankful, One Day at a Time

Gratitude is key to sobriety.

Why Would Anyone Use Needles?

Most of us can’t understand how anyone could come to the point of sticking themselves with needles for the sake of an addiction. The question really isn’t if or why, but when the addiction will lead to the unspeakable. The answer is that they have to.

“Are You On Drugs?” 5 Lies Your Kids Will Tell You

Their answers were shockingly simple... We asked young adult clients in treatment and in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction, “What did you tell your parents when they suggested you had an addiction to drugs or alcohol?”

Why Did I Get Into Addiction?

Addiction Treatment was probably the furthest thing from my mind, but addiction had ravaged my family for too long.

The Big Question on Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health care is critically important for all, especially for those who struggle with addiction.

Recovered Heroin Addicts Advise in Wake of Overdoses

Following a wave of local heroin overdoses, those in recovery from heroin addiction, share their experience and valuable insight.

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