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Meet our Staff

The most excellent professionals, with caring hearts for those we serve


Teri Gault

Founder / CEO / Administrator

Teri has hope for recovery and believes that good things follow after that first step. Teri rolled coins to start a nationally franchised company, but few knew that the founder and CEO of The Grocery Game, Inc., suffered for years as addiction ravaged her family. One precious brother was lost to meth related heart failure. Another is now sober after two decades of drug addiction. Tragically in 2016, another family member, a young mother, was jailed for crimes fueled by childhood trauma, abandonment and finally substance abuse. Teri felt she had to do something... The family had been blessed with a beautiful estate home, nestled in ancient oaks, with a resort style pool and park like grounds, the perfect setting for recovery. With her sixteen year business coming to a close, the time was right for Teri to pour herself into her next greatest challenge. With the support of her family and staff of passionate treatment professionals, Oaks of Hope was born. Teri believes that every soul has their own uniquely designed path of life, and that if one should wander off, their path is always still there. Oaks of Hope is founded on hope and love, to help those who struggle with addiction, to fully recover, find their way back, and stay on their path of life. "You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way!" - Dr. Suess, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"


Joe Gault

VP of Compliance

As a third year law student at Pepperdine University and Summa Cum Laude graduate at ASU, Joe’s mission is to build the very best substance abuse rehabilitation facility possible. Joe’s commitment to Oaks of Hope is founded on solid ethics, compliance with state, federal and local jurisdictions, and a heart for those he serves. Raised in greater Los Angeles, and volunteering over 1200 hours to underprivileged youth, Joe has seen firsthand what drugs and alcohol can do to families and communities. Drafted out of high school to play professional baseball, Joe has travelled, and is convinced that addiction doesn’t single out any one group of people. It crosses race, age, gender, education, and social barriers. Joe explains, “All too often, the addicted did not choose to become so, but fall victim because they were young and impressionable, self-medicating due to abandonment or trauma, or they were prescribed medicine from their doctor. For some, their lives seem hopeless, and they believe that their life may not be worthy of recovery.” When Oaks of Hope was first conceived, Joe could do nothing less than commit all that he had to offer. Joe burns the midnight oil to ensure that Oaks of Hope is a place that offers hope in lieu of fear and judgment. Joe’s energy is fueled by his vision, “In the law, there are only a handful of crimes which carry a lifetime punishment . . . this I am certain of: the mistake of drug use is not one of those crimes; everyone is worthy of a new life. Hope is closer than you think, and Oaks of Hope is a place where hope grows.”


Nick Warner, CAADE CATC I

Clinical Director / Substance Abuse Counselor

Loved in the treatment community by all who know him, Oaks of Hope is proud and pleased to say, “Nick Warner is ours!”. Nick is always about client first. He brings his gifts fully and freely, to meet clients where they are, no matter what it takes. Nick is ready to pivot daily if needed, creating a treatment plan with Oaks of Hope’s Clinical Director, and always nimble to find what works for each individual. Nick is on the ball from day one to provide individual counseling, group sessions and planning the next step to the best sober living environment for each individual. Nick knows his stuff and is well versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and CBT ABCs, Motivational Interviewing, Crisis Intervention, Anger Management and Relapse Prevention. Nick is uber talented, and we all like his style. Nick likes to have fun whether at work or play, and enjoys out of the box group sessions from shooting basketball, card games, working out, hiking, and you never know what’s next. Nick’s creative and talented approach to substance abuse treatment is always effective, and never boring. Make no mistake, addiction recovery is serious business to Nick Warner. It’s life or death, so Nick challenges clients in a way that will lead to their great life of sobriety and the rewards it brings. Nick Warner brings his credentials, a wealth of knowledge, resources and experience as a counselor from Malibu to Thailand and now Oaks of Hope. Be sure to ask him about treatment in Thailand!


Jamila Charles-Cometa, LMFT

Lead Therapist

Jamila is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a passion for helping her community family by family, and person by person. Jamila became fascinated with the field of Education and Psychology when she earned her B.A. in Psychology from UC, Berkeley and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology, but Jamila never stops learning. Her extensive experience includes working with children, at risk youth and adults of all ages. Jamila finds it “tremendously beneficial to work with all populations as I learn so much from each”. For Jamila, the rewards are great. She has facilitated therapeutic interventions, child and family team meetings, as well as Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling. She has educated countless ex-offenders on substance abuse, addressing a myriad of hardships on the periphery of substance abuse, such as violence, stress, and deteriorating health. Jamila’s academic curriculum often led to students passing their high school equivalency exams which opens a lifetime of opportunity. Jamila is a tremendous asset to Oaks of Hope. Her sparkling smile and generous spirit extend to every person on her path.


Isabel Landrum, RADT

House Manager/Technician

Our Isabel is your Isabel, a powerhouse, and an angel with a heart of gold. Oaks of Hope is blessed to have Isabel at the foundation, living and working on site since the year before opening. Today, Isabel remains as a Technician and House manager, and graciously gives her love and strength to all. She is grateful for her sobriety and is on a mission to extend life and recovery, tirelessly and generously 24/7. Isabel is a fighter and will fight with you and for you. She shares her story of recovery as she lives one day at a time. Isabel admonishes, "Take my hands. Hang on. Fight! Lots of us have done it, and I know You have it in you. You know there's nothing good out there... And if I can see one life saved, it's all worth it."


James Landrum, RADT

Operations and House Manager

Jimmy is committed to God, his wife Isabel, his family, Oaks of Hope, and his sobriety. Oaks of Hope was his vision, as he rolled up his sleeves in the year prior to opening, and continuously puts his nose to the grindstone seven days a week. Jimmy suffered years of loss from addiction, so this is serious business. Jimmy is a man of few words, preferring to demonstrate by action, as a man of integrity. He will share pieces of his story when they are needed most and when effective for change. He’s been there, is grateful to be where he is now, and earnestly desires to help others to not go back there. Jimmy values the opportunity to speak to the changes in lifestyle that are attached to addiction. Jimmy’s presence is constant and supportive, a beautiful picture of recovery.


John e. Hunter

Tech / Counselor

John lives to share recovery in a lasting and meaningful way. With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and a successful business career, John developed a new passion that forever changed his life. His own recovery experience lead him to work in the treatment field, so he earned his Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Counseling Education at CSU Bakersfield. Now a member of CCAPP, John’s valuable contribution to Oaks of Hope draws from his extensive counseling experience in Residential, Detox, Intensive Outpatient and Sober Living. Sober since June 30, 1999, John freely gives to anyone seeking sobriety, “I have come back from many things in this life. We can recover no matter what has happened, and no matter what we are dealing with.” John believes in working the 12 Steps, “The fellowship and the program of recovery has changed me and saved my life, so I will always be there to help others.” John has but one great desire, “I just want to lead as many as I can out of the nightmare and chaos of addiction, into the beauty, joy, peace and freedom of recovery ‘One Day At A Time’ for the rest of my life.” John is a competitive athlete, enjoys numerous sports, and dominates the Oaks of Hope basketball court. John admits to being competitive and loves to win, but he says sports are like life, “Accept defeat, adapt, adjust and keep on keepin’ on.” John’s positive attitude is contagious, “While life is full of ups and downs, it can be as wonderful as you want to make it.”


Jessica Marchany, LVN

Charge Nurse

From day one, clients quickly learn that they can go to their nurse for anything. Yes anything! Jessica is not only adept with technical procedures, from MARS to meds to information to convey to the doctor, but also brings her generosity and caring spirit to work every day. Jessica specializes in patient and family communications with emphasis on providing quality patient care. Jessica is a perpetual learner in the world of medicine and addiction, and leads informative and lively pharmaceutical and health groups. Her experience as a nurse for the military lends to her expertise in counseling for meds and health on a wide range of issues including PTSD and mental health concerns. Jessica Marchany’s number one goal is that patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place, with the right provider. Jessica brings love, peace and beauty to Oaks of Hope each and every day.


Aaron Lisowski

Care Coordinator

Aaron's primary goal is to stay clean and sober one day at a time, so that he can love and support his family and friends and help others reach and maintain sobriety. Aaron struggled with personal addiction for 15 years, “I thought that what worked for other people just didn’t work for me. Treatments, meetings, sponsors, steps… I just couldn’t get a hold of it. As soon as I finally let go, and finally became 100% willing, it started to get better. Slowly but surely, I started to see that life was good again and that recovery works.” With a Clean date of 12/17/2010, almost 6 years clean and sober, Aaron's passion is client care. Aaron was a Clinical Counselor for five of those years, when he realized that clients could receive the best treatment and care from the well trained Therapists, Counselors and Medical staff that Oaks of Hope had to offer. So Aaron jumped in from the start and has been a key influence in the development of this most cutting edge treatment program. Since Aaron made the decision to turn his life around, he has been gifted with a beautiful wife, a son, a daughter, a great career and an exciting life helping others reach their goals. Aaron looks forward to meeting each new client at Oaks of Hope, because he believes that anyone can do what he’s done and is grateful to be able to pass it on.


Jason Sohl

Web Developer

Jason has been a front-end web developer for over 10 years, building projects from simple sites to complex custom web applications. He is a freelance contractor that enjoys helping people bring their visions to life. Find him at [email protected]